Frequently Asked Questions

We current retail our products via Amazon; but watch this space as our own eStore will be available soon.
The ZenEco yoga mat is made from natural rubber tapped from trees, grown on rubber tree plantations. The rubber is sent to our manufacturer where it is mixed with other natural ingredients including dyes and agents to create a rubber foam, which is squishy to touch and use. The mat is made with natural materials and is biodegradable, so at the end of its life it can easily be recycled and there are no plastics to worry about.

No the yoga mat will not crack or crumble, the natural rubber is very elastic like in its natural properties and is designed to provide years of service.

Our yoga mats are 99.9% latex free. Latex is the liquid component that comes out of the rubber tree before it gets heated and vulcanised and turned into rubber. This rubber is then further treated to become your yoga mat; therefore, the yoga mats may contain a very small amount of Latex (0.01 %) and if you have a latex allergy, we suggest you avoid natural rubber products.
The rubber darker colour of the mat goes face down onto the floor leaving the cloth side with the decorative print visible, although it really doesn’t matter if you don’t do this as the mat is washable so you can keep it clean.
The yoga mat is made from natural rubber, so it is very sticky and non-slip.
Yes, the yoga mat can be used for hot yoga, but we recommend you use a towel for hot yoga for safety.
Our ZenEco yoga mats are deigned to be thin and foldable it makes the product small, light, convenient and easily portable, even though our ZenEco mats are thin they are surprisingly well cushioned and being thinner provides the user greater stability and makes you feel more grounded.
Yes, the yoga mat is great for everyday use, and all types of yoga, being light and portable it can easily fit into your bag, backpack or even the glove box in your car. Use indoors at your yoga class or even outdoors its versatile product.