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Our Yoga mats, made from 100% natural rubber and natural materials

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100% natural rubber and natural materials

At Zen Matters we try to promote the concept of a healthy body and mind, because modern lifestyles can be stressful and complicated.

By taking part in regular exercise and eating balanced nutrition, we can improve our physical health and well being and this in turn helps with improving our mental health, but meditation, less stress, and sleeping well can also improve out mental health.

At Zen Matters we believe in providing products and services that are natural and sustainably made. Our Yoga mats are made from 100% natural rubber and other natural materials, they are completely free from plastics and they are 100% recyclable, and with every yoga mat purchased we donate a percentage of our profits to help save our planet. We currently donate to World Land Trust charity program (Plant a tree today, a forest tomorrow) with your help we are hoping to help repair / restore lost forests, help repair damage to our ecosystems and mitigate climate change, and by donating to Plastic Oceans we hope to reduce
plastic waste and reduce the plastic reaching our oceans.

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We support the World Land Trust and Plastic Oceans Charities

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